Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Kids

Boo entered our lives September 24th, 2004. She was the sweetest blessing we could ever hope for. Ever since she was little she has had a GREAT scene of humor. She really knows how to make people laugh. Especially her little brother. She says the funniest things. For example, we were in California for the summer while Eric worked as an intern. I put her hair up in curlers. When it was curled, I gave her a "do" and told her to go look in the mirror and tell me how she liked it. As soon as she saw herself she said, "Oh I like it. It's so California." That came from a two-and-a-half year old. The things she comes up with.

Bubba came to our family, January 25th, 2007(9months today). He's been a big ball of fun to have in our family. This boy just radiates joy. I think the only time he's not smiling is when he's sleeping. He's been a fast learner from the start. He was rolling over at four weeks and has not stopped moving since. He's active and loves to jump and roam around the living room, chasing big sister.

We've been lucky with both of our kids not being the crying type. Bubba is seldom found crying, and usually then it is an act. He loves playing patty-cake and ANYTHING that has to do with big sister, he idolizes her! We have to put the two of them to bed at separate times because will play all night.

Bubba is starting to walk along furniture and standing by himself. I think we will have a walker for Christmas.

Job Interviews

We just had two contacts this morning for Job interviews. A company in Yakima is really interested in Eric. I talked to the contact while Eric was busy and the man said that this company at first said they didn't have any openings. After looking at his resume however, they said that they want to try "to get him a job as soon as that diploma is in his hand." We are going to be in Yakima on the 8th of November and we might possibly stay a couple of days depending on how we feel.

Eric also received an email from a piping company based out of Pennsylvania. They want to schedule a phone interview with him. There are opportunities in this company all over the nation.

On November 1st and 2nd, Eric will be in Bothell, WA for another interview with a company that works with Boeing....I can't remember the company's name(AIT, I think). There are lots of opportunities in Seattle area.

We also have to contact Sierra Pacific, the company in Red Bluff, CA that Eric had his summer internship with.

We are all excited to see where we end up. We'll try to keep you updated.


Eric Graduates on December 8th, 2007 at 12:30 pm. For all of you that can, we'd love to see you there!!! Admission is free and so is parking. Eric has to be there at 11:30 for line up, so our little family will be going at that time. If you are planning to come and want to stay at a hotel. I would suggest looking for a room now. They fill up fast! Let us know if we can assist you in anyway.

In the Beginning........

Ok so I just messed up and didn't save before I moved we will try this again.

So, I thought it would be fun to have an about us blog to begin our site.

Eric and I met in Spokane, WA at an LDS Singles dance. He wasn't out of high school yet, but his brother(whom I was friends with) dragged him along. His brother pointed me and my best friend out and said, "Flirt with those two; they'll like you." I danced with him once and thought: "What a cute kid. Too bad he's so young." (I am a year-and-a-half older)

For the longest time, actually thought he was someone else's brother. Infact, I was friends with his older sister too before I dated him. I didn't have any idea that they were all siblings. But, about a year later at a Monday night activity, magic happened. We had stayed later the week before in the parking lot of the church and talked. About what? I dunno. Then on March twelfth, 2001 after talking late into the evening, he invited me to go get ice cream at Shari's. We talked there until about four or five in the morning. We wrote on a napkin dates we were going to go on before he left on his mission.

That was basically how we got together. I know. I am really long winded.

BUT IT GOES ON....After dating for six months, Eric left to serve a mission in Venezuela for TWO YEARS!!!!. It was hard to see him go. I only got to talk to him a couple of times while he was gone. In the meantime, I also went on a mission that was cut short due to health problems (I'll spare you the details).

Eric came home September 11, 2003. We were "officially" engaged(another story to tell) on September 30th, married November 15th and had a magical honeymoon in Disneyland.

In February of 2004 we found out we were going to have a baby. Along came our little bundle of Boo. Two years later our big Bubba was born.

I guess that's us in a nutshell....a rather large nutshell as it turns out......

I'm not sure what these blogs are to any input on what you want to see would be great!!!