Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Kids

Boo entered our lives September 24th, 2004. She was the sweetest blessing we could ever hope for. Ever since she was little she has had a GREAT scene of humor. She really knows how to make people laugh. Especially her little brother. She says the funniest things. For example, we were in California for the summer while Eric worked as an intern. I put her hair up in curlers. When it was curled, I gave her a "do" and told her to go look in the mirror and tell me how she liked it. As soon as she saw herself she said, "Oh I like it. It's so California." That came from a two-and-a-half year old. The things she comes up with.

Bubba came to our family, January 25th, 2007(9months today). He's been a big ball of fun to have in our family. This boy just radiates joy. I think the only time he's not smiling is when he's sleeping. He's been a fast learner from the start. He was rolling over at four weeks and has not stopped moving since. He's active and loves to jump and roam around the living room, chasing big sister.

We've been lucky with both of our kids not being the crying type. Bubba is seldom found crying, and usually then it is an act. He loves playing patty-cake and ANYTHING that has to do with big sister, he idolizes her! We have to put the two of them to bed at separate times because will play all night.

Bubba is starting to walk along furniture and standing by himself. I think we will have a walker for Christmas.

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