Monday, March 22, 2010

Living With Penguins

Earlier last week I took the kids out to run errands and as usual, they were just terrors. It started at Walmart where Ethan ran away to the other side of the store. Baeya went to grab him and he immediately fell to the floor and was drug back across the store by his coat( yes I met her halfway). Then I went to a craft store to look for a yarn color I needed for a project and Ethan did it again!!!! So Baeya decided to to follow him this time. I finally got them to the cart and Ethan almost tips it over with AJ in it.. I was SO angry with them. I had planned to go to the park to see if the snow had melted off the playground. As we were driving up the road to the park, Beaya recognized that we were also headed toward the zoo.

She asked, "Why are we going to the zoo?"

I answered,"I am going to drop you two off to live with the penguins!"

She immediately started to sob telling me she didn't want to go live with the penguins....This is Where Ethan pops up and says, "I want to go live with the penguins! They're funny! They make me laugh!"

So we drive pass the playground and they were snow-free...but they didn't get to play...

As we drive into the garage, I noticed Ethan had fallen asleep so I leave his door open and get the other kids in.

About 15 minutes later Ethan comes in to the house wailing, "I WANTED TO GO LIVE WITH THE PENGUINS!!!!"


NatalieT said...

That is classic. If you ever do drop your kids off, let me know. My kids would probably like to live with penguins too. Or at least I would like them to some of the time. :)

Renee' P said...

LOL! I wish you had that on video!!! Poor Ethan :(

Jandre said...

Was this yarn for our project? weeeeee. I can't wait to start it! I should probably hurry and finish my other projects first! That totally sounds like something Micah would say if he could talk by the way!

jomama said...

that's hilarious. i feel like dropping my kids off somewhere sometimes, but i never thought of the penguins!