Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day!!! I made this card and want to print it out for the holiday. Whatchya think? Right now we are being packed by the Moving company and they are doing EVERYTHING!!! We only had to pack the van! We are officially leaving Moscow/Spokane Tuesday morning. I have to be honest...I have never been more excited for any other move in my life!!! This feels alot like when we moved to California for the summer. With the exception that we are moving permanently this time.

There have been many things that have happened this past week or mind is just whirling!!! Last weekend I got to have one last fling with the Jandre and Renee!! It was nice to be able to do something with them. Being so far away, I don't see for hear from them very often, but it was nice that they found time to squeeze me into their busy schedules. :)

I find myself thinking about our new home. I think about how it would be to live there, celebrating holidays, building a family, making traditions and memories. I want to go decorate, making it my own!!! I am SO EXCITED to live there, start anew, make friends and start REAL life...


Renee' said...

"Go, move into your palace!"
Guess what movie??
I am very happy for you guys. Eric has worked very hard in school to achieve this for his family. You have worked long & hard in motherhood. Don't forget us back hear in Spokane! I'm family, so you're stuck w/me.
Love you!!

Stacey said...

I love the video of the house. Baeya is adorable. I miss you guys. Too bad we didn't get to play hand and foot. By the way, my most favorite part of the house video is seeing baeya carrying a PURSE!!!! Purses rock and so does Primary!! Love you guy, noni stacey

Stacey said...

Sorry, i forgot to say that your card is adorable, and where is mine? noni stacey