Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mommy Update

There have been a few of you that have asked for an update on my mom....She is doing well. Her surgery went well...the surgeon saw some lymph nodes that looked questionable but after a biopsy they found that they were fine.

She went to the Oncologist and she is to start Chemotherapy on the 30th and have it every other week three or four times. Then after a rest period she will start her radiation, five days a week for six weeks. She's doing well, but the doctor doesn't give her a whole lot of hope of keeping her hair. She says there are only two things she is bummed about....the prospect of losing her hair and losing her summer vacation....I am bummed for her. My poor mommy!


Nicole Campbell said...

Mary, I keep mom in my thoughts all the time. Cancer is a hard thing to deal with, but with some loses and sad times comes many more strengths and opportunities. Mom is amazing and she is strong. She will do so wonderful and kick this crap right in the butt. When we head to Spokane I want to for sure go visit her and give her a big hug! Love you and cannot wait to see you this weekend!

The Barney's said...

Mary I am so sorry to read about your mom. My good friend lost her mom 11 years ago to cancer and I have a fear of getting the same call you did but from my mom. I will pray for her, you and your family and so sorry you all have to go through this. On a funny note, I cant believe you kids got into that red jello/koolaid? but oh so funny. Ethan RED face is so cute and halarious!!!! Lori Barney

Julie said...

Tell mom I love her lots.