Saturday, April 5, 2008

Keysha Fosburg

This is the new baby in our family. Her name as you can tell from the blog title is Keysha. She is the biggest sweetheart!!! Keysha is a year and a half blood hound mix. It seems that she was abused and malnourished as a baby. She has also been in at least 5 homes. I happened to have found her at "adopt a pet day" at Petco. I was just naturally drawn to her. I brought her home and the family immediately fell in love with her. It seems that she loves the kids....especially Ethan! I took him to bed tonight and when I didn't come back downstairs with him, she had to go up and investigate where he had gone. When she was satisfied that he was in bed she finally came back down. I think it might stem from the fact that she had a litter and none of the pups survived. The lady that I adopted her from said that she stayed with her babies till the very end never leaving them. I think she might still posses those maternal instincts. Any which way you look at it so far she is perfect for our family and we hope that we will have her for many years to come.


Brenda said...

awwww She is so cute. I love to hear about happy endings for dogs and cats. I am glad she loves your family so much and your daughter sure seems to love her too.

Renee' said...

She is really cute and just the perfect dog for you guys!
I hope she adjusts well to her new home!