Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My New Job

A few months ago, Eric and I had a talk about me getting a part time job. Just a few hours a week to have a little "me" time and to have adult interaction...plus the bonus of getting paid while I am out.

So a couple weeks ago I submitted my application to Lane Bryant here in IF down Hitt road close to the movie theaters. I got the job. I am going to be working evenings and weekends.

I started last week on Wednesday, I watched a bunch of training videos and helped with the closing.

Saturday was my second day and the store got REALLY busy! Baptism by fire can only describe that day. We were so busy we had a line for the dressing rooms and there are six of them!!!

I think what I enjoy most about Lane Bryant is that their product is really good! I have close that are about 8 years old and they stil seem new.


Arin said...

Good for you! I work PT at Victoria's Secret. Really part time, like once a month. I like it and the discount. :)

Nat said...

My friend just raves about Layne Bryant. Must be a great place. If only I wasn't so cheap on buying clothes for myself.

Nicole Campbell said...

Awesome, I am so excited for you! I am glad you also enjoy your job, it is a huge help to wake up looking forward to going to work everyday.:) YAY

Amanda Impett said...

Congrats on the job!!! I love Lane Bryant they have awesome stuff.