Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our family Update

Our Ethan is walking. He decided last week that it was pretty cool to walk. I was working on my email when I looked up and he was walking across the floor. He stopped and gave me a "Check me out" cheesy grin and continued walking. He just needed to decide for himself that it was time. We are all so proud, but mostly he his proud of himself.

The other night we had done our nighttime routine and Baeya was saying the prayer and right after she opened her prayer she passed gas...a REALLY loud one. She got to laughing so hard she couldn't finish her prayer. Even though it was a "rude" thing to do, the entire situation was really cute.

This week is better so far. Eric is still relectant to help out. I think it has alot to do with the television because when we didn't have it in Moscow, Eric was more willing to help. I think we are going to have to start making rules about it.

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Renee' said...

Go Baeya! That's funny. Eric, that little poop! He's never really been one to help out cleaning or keeping up house. He's always been the peace maker in the family. I know he's working really hard (hardly working) LOL!
Enjoy your new home!
Hopefully I'll get to see your home soon.