Thursday, March 13, 2008

Relief Society Dinner

Last night my ward had their RS birthday dinner. we had a progressive dinner and a type of readers theater. The characters in the program were all former general RS presidents in church history. I was asked to play Emma Hale Smith, the Prophet Joseph's wife. I had the opportunity to investigate her a little. She was such a strong, remarkable woman. She suffered so much loss in her life and still remained strong. I admire her for her faith and perseverance (sp). She lost most of the children she gave birth to , almost lost her own life after the birth of her first child, and ultimately lost her husband in a brutal murder.
But in all of this time she was always concerned for the welfare of others. She was a compassionate, loving, hard working woman. One could only hope to be like she. She was loved dearly by those she came in contact with.

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Renee' said...

Yes she was a remarkable woman! Did you do well playing her part?