Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Weekend

We started our weekend friday evening when we went to Sam's Club and got hot dogs and flooring and gas...not in that order and not the gas that you think....the stuff for the car. LOL. After our adventure, I got to go play Bunco at the neighbor's home. There are several girls who get together every month and have a girls night. I think it's always Bunco. I got one of the booby prizes for my bad score. I am awesome!!! After the game, I stayed and talked with some friends for a long time. It's really night to have people to relate to!!!

When I got home at 11pm, Eric was painting, so I stayed up and painted with him till 2am. We finished painting our room and put our bed back together(no more sleeping on the couch WOOHOO!). I just have to say, what we have so far looks GOOD!!! I will take pictures of it after it is done being decorated. I think we finally got to bed at about three.

We were woken up at 8:30 by Baeya trying to find us downstairs. I hear this "MOMMY!!!!" along with a terrified screaming and crying. Yes folks, she actually likes me! Shocking but true.

At 10:30 Eric left and got instructed on how to install carpet on stairs. At 11:30 we went to Johnny Corino's for lunch with Eric's work for a "New Comers" welcoming. BTW Anyone who comes to visit us just might end up eating there one night! :D At 1pm we went to the Verizon store and signed up for the discounts Eric gets through his work...really nice!!!! BUT it took almost two hours there....the kids were just gems......LOL I THINK THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I EVER TYPED!!! Baeya almost died right there in the Verizon store! And Ethan was just exhausted. THEN Eric decides we need to run to Lowe's to pick up some supplies for the stairs.

When we walked into the store it was BARELY snowing. When we walked out 45 minutes later, we had TWO INCHES of fresh snow on our car!!! That makes a total of like 4 or 5 inches this week!!! Luckily it has all promptly melted...Yeah there is really weird weather here in IF!

When we got home, the kids went down for a nap and Eric went to go pick up a futon we bought for $40 on It's actually in really good condition too! He was gone for about an hour and a half looking for a rental store for a carpet nail gun. I can't believe how many TYPES of nail guns there are! It's mind bottling...yes I said it...mind bottling.

When he got back, I left and got my hair done...and ha ha ha...this is what it was all leading up to...I LOVE MY HAIR!!!! Dina did a GREAT job!!! If anyone needs to go to anyone for hair....GO TO HER!!! I think this is the darkest I have ever gone! So, what do you think?


Renee' said...

Love the hair!!!!
So, Eric is installing the carpet on the stairs? WOW!
Sounds like your home is coming along nicely. Good job.
I can't wait to see it.
Did I mention that I LOVE your hair?!

Kelli said...

You look awesome!!! Simply mind bottling!!! I love the color. I think my sister would approve ;)Really, the color and cut is fabulous and suits you totally. You look great!

So fun to hear about you working on your house to make it more homey and give it your own touch.

And oh...the Verizon store or Lowes plus kids on those long Saturdays...I know all too well the pains!!! INSANITY for one please!

Nicole Campbell said...

MARY I LOVE IT! You look soooo pretty !!! I cannot wait to see it in person. Honestly it is so amazing! Miss you lady!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jandre said...

that second face you always make will crack me up forever. Been awhile since you been close to the natural color eh? I remember when it was almost that dark! I like it a lot!

Charles and Julie said...

It really looks good. I love the hair and hearing about all the home stuff. I remember the long night we stayed up painting, and everything that goes with it. Exciting fro you to make you house your "HOME".