Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

Today was all in all a good day. My son lost my phone last night and I am pretty sure it landed in his new favorite toy, the garbage. So we spent all morning searching for it but to no avail. I guess it is probably my fault for letting him play with it in the first place. After putting Ethan down for his morning nap, I started a load of laundry...there is ALWAYS laundry!!! I can never seem to catch up.

The kids and I went and did some errands. We drove across town (a total of 10 minutes) to the credit union that does shared branching with Spokane Teachers to make a deposit. There was no one at the bank so Baeya and Ethan got to eat up all the attention. After there we ran to Once Upon a Child to grab a high chair for Ethan. I decided Ethan needed one since we have more room for one now. We have had a booster chair but it is on one of my new dinning room chairs...and I don't like the fact that MY chair gets messy EVERY TIME Ethan sits down to eat. Anyway, I also looked around the store and found Bayea and Ethan's Easter outfits. I was so excited!

We then left the store and went on a walk since it was a blistering 36 degrees out! We walked to lunch and had fun sitting in the restaurant watching the employees and customers. Baeya is getting old enough now to go potty on her own. She told me this afternoon that she had to go. I had Ethan with me and I didn't want to leave everything on the table so I showed her where the potty was and she went all by herself. I am such a proud mother!!!

By the time we got home from our adventure it was time for a nap, so the kids went down and I got to fold some blankets that were waiting for me to do so. As soon as I got to the last blanket, something in my back POPPED and I have been in pain ever since. Not BAD pain, more of a stiff achy pain. My muscles are really tight. Now everytime I move my entire upper body pops.

When Eric got home at 6pm, we went out and got a Sam's Club membership. Eric's a little anxious to buy a TV, so we went there and we had to go to Lowe's to return the mailbox we got that was apparently the wrong type(LONG story about that). He got one that is suppose to work....we'll see....gggrrrrr...

That was basically our day. Not very eventful...oh well.


Kelli said...

Mary I would LOVE to get together!!! I am a huge fan of girls nights out!!

Renee' said...

Sounds like you're quite busy these days! Isn't it nice not to go to a laundry mat and you can do the laundry whenever you want? I love it.
Glad you had a good day yesterday!